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Find your money magic.

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Everyday Money Magic Planner


Money doesn’t have to be complicated.


Essentially money comes in and money goes out. It’s like breathing, in and out.

The money going out may have fancy names like standing orders and direct debits and go in many different directions but basically it’s just money going out.

Similarly, money coming in may be salary, bonus, interest, maintenance or refunds but it’s just money coming in.

Like breathing, money is crucial for living and feeling short of it is stressful.

Our system helps you keep track of the money coming in and out. It’s simple, requires no prior money knowledge and enables you to develop your money intuition so you can unlock your every day money magic. 


Are you a Sun or a Moon?

Each of our planners is undated, so you can start it at any point in the year. They both contain the same system and are both printed in the UK on 80gsm recycled paper. 

But that’s where the similarity ends…

sun planner money planner personal finance journal

Sun has a warm charm. It is for adventurous souls who find joy in every season and are curious about life’s flow.

Designed to help you feel excited about the future whilst also delighting in the every day. 


Moon is dark and luxurious. It is for the independent soul who is not afraid to forge their own path and is curious about the magic hidden in the everyday.

Designed to record your journey as you bring your dreams into reality. 


Money doesn’t have to stop you building the life you’re dreaming of.


...An enjoyable, un-scary, practical and motivating experience.
— M
I’m feeling a lot lighter about all the nitty gritty of money...
— B
[my session] immediately sparked ideas to improve my financial situation.
— A.S
I came away feeling thoroughly understood.
— W.A
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