About Us


We define a life you love as one where you are doing what you love, with people you love, in places you love.

We create and curate tools and courses to help you build your ideal life. We are constantly sourcing and adding new material to our blogs, online courses and events but here’s what we offer at the moment.


One of the main reason’s women give for not being able to do what they love is they can’t afford it so this was one of the first areas we tackled. Check out our online course Smart Money Management to revamp your money thinking, define your next money goal and use our smart money planner to organise your money goals for an entire year.


When it comes to being with people you love, the person you spend the most time with is yourself. The Winter Retreat created around our Self-Care Grid gives you an opportunity to devote a whole weekend to restoring yourself. You can get yours here.

How to stop procrastinating

Again, we often blame lack of time or money for the fact that we don’t have a life we love but in truth there are usually other explanations and one of these can be that it would involve stepping out of your comfort zone. Our Anti-procrastination course will give you 4 easy, effective tools to support you as you step out of your comfort zone and build momentum. If procrastination is preventing you from building a life you love, this course is for you.

Networking for women who hate networking

We know how daunting walking into a room full of strangers can feel. So each month we host a networking evening in London. It’s a relaxed evening where you can make connections, try out a little of our latest workshop, eat delicious food and have a drink too. Sign up to our newsletter for first dibs on tickets!

Coming Soon.....

Optimise your space

The spaces you live and work in are so important. We all deserve to live somewhere we love. We are not space experts so we found one for you. Susan Hayward is a Feng Shui Master and a dear friend of A New Look At. She is collaborating with us to give you everything you need to turn your home into a place you love. Even if it’s a room in a shared house of flat. She will also help you optimise your desk so that your time spent there is supercharged.

Imposter Syndrome

According to a recent study two-thirds of women in the UK suffer from Imposter Syndrome at work. So even if you love what you do, chances are you may doubt your ability to sustain it. We’ve been asked to create a workshop about Imposter Syndrome. What is it? Where does it come from? How can you move through it? As soon as it’s available we will share it with you.