It’s so good to meet you!

We are Tracy and Holly, the mother daughter duo behind Build a life

We come from a long line of women who have owned businesses, made their own money and bucked the trend of what’s possible for women.

If we’re not financial advisers, what are we?

We are on a mission to help women find financial independence.

We give 1-1 coaching sessions, workshops and create digital guides designed to help women unlock the power of their money personality.

About Tracy:

Tracy is a fully certified Sacred Money Archetypes coach.

She studied at Cambridge University and has a Masters from London Business School.

Tracy brings a wealth of career and life experience to her work. Having worked as a lawyer and management consultant before running a business for 10 years whilst also having 3 children, she intimately understands the challenges of working and having a family that many women face.

About Holly:

Holly joined Tracy at Build a life 2 years ago after working in the UK film and TV industry. She is currently completing her money coach certification.

Since joining Build a life she has:

  • Moved out of my Tracy’s house and now rent a place she absolutely loves.

  • Paid off debts that were the equivalent of 17% of her income for January and February 2019.

  • Started investing.

  • Saved 3/4s of an emergency fun (on track to complete in June 2019)

  • All while still going out and having fun!


When you discover your money personality, you can change your life.


Money Personality test:

What your money personality says about you.