Money Talks, are you ready to listen?

Photo by  Philip Veater  on  Unsplash

Imagine walking down a street and seeing Money sitting on a wall, swinging it’s legs looking fed-up (think Humpty Dumpty and substitute a £50 note for the egg!). “What’s up?” you ask. “Oh, I’m just waiting for someone to play with,” Money replies. Then you realise that Money is sitting on the wall of a playground, full of groups of people, all playing different games.

“But there are loads of people for you to play with,” you say. “Well, it’s not that easy,”
Money replies.“You see that group over there think I’m dirty so I can’t play with them. That group over there think I make people unhappy, so they won’t play. I can only play with men in that group and if I try to play with that group over there they lock me up and I never get away.”

“There’s a group over there who are fun for a while but then the other people make them feel so guilty, they usually send me away and as for that group, they just wear me out so fast, I can’t keep up with them.” There must be someone,” you say. Then suddenly Money jumps off the wall. “Sorry, got to dash. That group over there have decided they have worked hard enough so they will play with me for a while.” At which point Money runs off to play. 

If money were one of your friends what kind of friendship would you have? How much attention do you pay her? Do you spend time together or do you find her a bit of a nuisance and wish you really didn’t have to bother with her? Maybe, you just find her elusive, demanding or a complete mystery.

Each of us has a unique relationship with money and we pick up most of our beliefs about money from our parents, probably before the age of 6. We absorb these like a sponge and they are so deep seated we rarely question their validity. As a result we can end up with a 6 year old running our finances!

Money would really like some more people to play with. Which game are you playing?

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