Secrets to Goal Setting

Photo by: Unsplash

Photo by: Unsplash

When I was working as a management consultant a client asked me:

“How do you have a goal without diminishing the present?”

It was a very clever question that stopped me in my tracks. I was helping his company put together a five year business plan, they needed a set of goals and they needed to be SMART.

Every business needed SMART goals to succeed, right? They help you set direction, focus and progress. But they also carried with them a sense that now wasn’t as good as the future was going to be.

But we are also told that ‘the journey is as important as the destination’. A destination is an excuse for a journey. It’s an opportunity to explore, have new experiences and find out more about yourself.

These days I believe it’s not about what the goal is, it’s what the goal does.

Each of us is unique, we have a one off package of gifts and possibility. Let’s try seeing goals as a way of exploring more that potential; rather than a way of fulfilling more of societies ambitions.

 *harder better faster stronger*

Let’s make goals that become a way of getting more of you into the world!

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