Your complete financial success schedule.

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 I often ask people if money were a friend, how would you describe your friendship? Do you find her a bit embarrassing and wish you didn’t have to put up with her? Do you find her rather confusing? Do you only contact her when there’s a problem? 

Our Smart Money Planner will put that friendship on a better footing. 

The Planner breaks down into  daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly activities. It’s super easy to follow, will only take a small amount of time and will set you up for financial success. 


  • Each day track the money that comes in and the money that you spend in the planner.


  • Decide which day of the week is going to be your money date. This is when you pay all your bills and send reminders to the people who owe you money.

  • Use it as an opportunity to stay on top of your filing so that it doesn’t overwhelm you and clear out your purse.

  • Check how you are progressing against your monthly goal and make any adjustments. Maybe you have overspent and you need to forgo something next week or maybe extra cash has come in. This will keep you connected to your goal.


  • Mark your progress on your goal tracker and celebrate your progress. Then set up your money planner for the next month.


  • Review your financial goal. Have you achieved it yet? If so, it’s time to set up a new one.


  • Review and celebrate the year that has passed. What worked and what would you like to improve on next year?

  • Set a new financial goal for the year for the coming year

Then it's a case of rinse and repeat!

The Planner is part of our Smart Money Management System, designed to help you take control of your finances and use money to build your dreams, instead of limit them. To find out more click on the link below.