How to take control of your finances.

Sometimes it can be really hard to take stock of where you are financially.

Credit cards make it very easy to continue spending in the hope that by the time the bill arrives so will the money.

Money can bring up strong feelings of guilt, shame and fear so it’s no wonder that we don’t  always want to look at it. The problem is that we can’t control something we won’t look at. When you feel good about your finances you happily check your bank balance and tick off your bills, when you don’t, these things are neglected and the situation gets worse.

Also not looking at the situation doesn’t make the feelings go away, they just lurk waiting to pounce at 3am and that is not a good time to thinking about money!

So, to make it easier, let's start with some house keeping.

The first step to taking control is organising what you have. Like a messy room, taking the first steps can be overwhelming but once you get started you'll quickly reap the benefits.

Ready to get going? Why not try our free 5 easy ways to declutter your money?

This mini course has 5 easy to follow steps broken down for you so you can: 

  • Create a template for getting paid

  • Organise your bills and receipts

  • Set up a weekly money check-in

  • Do some self-care for free

We know how overwhelming organising your money can feel so let us take you through the basics so you can get back on track in no time.

Want to take your organising even further?

Our Smart Money Management Course helps you take a 360 look at your finances with our ME.INC exercise. By viewing yourself as the new CEO of a company called ME.INC you can de-personalise your much needed financial audit. You will get a true sense of where you are which is an essential step to building your money plans and realising your vision.