How to give your emotions some TLC.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

For almost twenty years summer has meant a new Katie Fforde novel for me. I first came across her books when I was coming out of a period of post natal depression.

As I read “Wild Designs” I lost myself in a different world. It was pure escapism but something began to unwind inside me. By the time I had finished “Living Dangerously” and “Stately Pursuits”, summer had arrived and I had rediscovered a sense of possibility that had eluded me.

Fortunately, Katie continues to write a new book a year and each summer I buy her newest to take away or just read at home and the effect is always the same. They can be devoured in a day and they slow me down.
For a day, time stops and I begin to soften.

These are not candidates for the Booker Prize. They are delightful romances, a kind of modern Jane Austen but don’t worry I’m not going to suggest you read one :)

The Emotional TLC exercise is all about finding a new world to escape into without leaving your room. 

📚How it works 📚

  • Find a book, a film or even a Netflix series. The one criteria is that it makes you “feel good”.

  • Set aside a couple of hours, an afternoon or even a whole day if you can.

  • Sink into a comfy chair and give yourself permission to turn the world off.

Time for some emotional TLC. :)