#anewlookatsummer: beat the summer blues.

What does summer mean to you?

As the mother of three children, summer meant the long school holidays. July to September was a time of freedom.

I would savour the first Sunday when there was no school uniform to organise, homework to chivvy or PE kit to track down. Everyone could stay up as late as they wanted and enjoy the long evening.

It felt wonderful to be free of the school regime.

That would last about a week and then a whole new set of criteria would kick in. The organisation required to have a “great summer” and create memories that would be cherished later in life. Activities, day trips and sleep-overs would start to fill the calendar and before I knew it, back to school tasks. Remember the new shoes and all that stationery that used to disappear by the end of the first week!

As the temperature rises and the nights draw out it’s not just mums who are juggling. Sleepovers have turned into after work socialising and if your google calendar is jam packed you are not alone!

On Instagram today Bustle reposted this tweet :

“Summer kind of stresses me out because I feel like I have to be doing something fun at all hours or else I’m wasting summer.”

Whether it's spending time with our family, partner or friends, the stress of creating 'the best summer ever' is something can we all relate to.

How about taking a new look at summer and reclaiming it as time to recharge your batteries? 

Welcome to #anewlookatsummer !

We want to spend time this summer gently coming back to ourselves.  Over the next nine weeks we are going to share a exercise with you each week. It's designed to help you re-connect with a forgotten part of your life so you can recharge and refresh.

If you like the sound of the activity then give it a go. Remember, there's no pressure, if it speaks to you give it a try.

Try the first exercise "Emotional TLC"