Why Summer weather can stress you out.

summer stress a new look at

In the summer our focus tends to move outside. Parks, beaches, beer gardens, open air theatres and maybe even an open air cinema. 

Last Sunday was St. Swithin’s Day here in the UK. According to folklore, the weather on that day will hold for another 40 days. If that is the case, we are in for scorching sun until the end of August. 

Lovely as that may sound, summer can create total sensory overload. In fact, its possible to suffer from summer seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Unlike it’s winter counterpart, people with summer SAD have trouble sleeping and eat less. They also feel agitated, anxious and irritable. 

Although it’s rare to be diagnosed with summer SAD, most of us can relate to summer stress and anxiety. The hot bright weather messes with our circadian rhythm (body clock) so we don’t sleep as well and have less energy for all our summer travel and activities. Combine this with the fomo that underpins this social, active season and it’s no wonder we feel tired and frazzled. 

Sometimes we need to step back and reset so we can enjoy summer at our own pace. 

Why come inside?

Spending time in the cool and out of the sun is important for re-establishing your circadian rhythm. This helps you to sleep better and feel more relaxed as you give your brain a chance to slow down and take a break from all the stimulation. 

That said, taking a break doesn’t have to mean turning your back on summer. In this exercise we’re inviting you to come inside and gently celebrate summer in your own way.

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☀️Exercise Three: The Nature Table ☀️

“A building is not just a place to be but a way to be” - Frank Lloyd Wright.

Did you have a nature table at school? 

A Nature Table displays objects relating to the season. They’re a great way to bring nature inside and connect us to the rhythm of the year. 

In modern life it’s very easy to become disconnected from the rhythm of the seasons. We can buy strawberries twelve months of the year and centrally heated offices mean we can walk around in t-shirts for most of the year too!

When we lose seasonality we lose the opportunity to appreciate nature at it’s best. A summer nature table allows you celebrate the best of summer in your own way.

How it works

  • Find your “table”. This could be an actual table, a shelf or the top of a chest of drawers would work just as well.

  • Take everything off the “table” and give it a wipe down.

  • Don’t worry about finding a new home for everything you have removed. For now just put it a box or drawer. Have fun with it, not a clear out!

  • Now you get to curate this space. What would you like to display here on your summer table? What inspires you, makes you smile?

  • Whatever you choose is entirely up to you as long as you like how it looks. The table captures your summer vibe.

  • Try to take a moment at the end of each day or in the morning to enjoy your summer table and allow it to change.

  • Add items that inspire you and put items away. Maybe it can organically evolve into your autumn table.