Boost your mood with a simple supermarket shop

Mindset tip a new look at supermarket safari

Six degrees of separation is the theory that you are just six introductions away from anyone on the planet including the Queen and the Dalai Lama.

Back in 2008, Microsoft proved this theory was right. They analysed 30 billion electronic conversations among 180 million people in different countries and found that any two people were on average 6.6 people apart which meant they could be linked by seven or fewer people. 

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon was a game made up by students in which the challenge was to connect every film actor to Kevin Bacon in six cast lists or fewer. When the joke refused to die, Kevin Bacon set up a charity called to connect people and causes. They are, “Harnessing the kindness that connects us to make the greatest positive impact.”

When you’re feeling blue it’s easy to feel isolated from everyone around you. To combat this isolation, we want to remind you of how connected we all are to each other, no matter how you’re feeling. 

🌎Supermarket Safari 🌍

Love them or hate them, supermarkets are evidence of our global economy. If you walk around any supermarket you will find products from all around the world. Spices, exotic fruit, flowers, tea and coffee. A supermarket is a global cornucopia!

Think of the journey those items have taken to get to you. The growers, the harvesters, the packers and transporters, the drivers, the warehouse people to name just a few. As you stand in the middle of the supermarket you are connected by invisible thread to millions of people. 

It takes an amazing network to bring all those goods to you so how about taking a leaf out of Kevin Bacon’s book and using that same network to send love and kindness the other way. 

This exercise might feel silly but studies show taking time to think positively is really good for your brain. 

In fact developing your personal positive thinking skills can reduce symptoms of depression and increase your overall happiness with life.

🌎How it works 🌍

  • Take a trip to your local supermarket and choose 6 items, or just take 6 items from your shopping this week.

  • Take each item and imagine all the links through to the farmer. So even if it’s a chocolate digestive biscuit, imagine all the links to the cocoa farmer and the wheat farmer.

  • Think about how, by buying this product, you are sending appreciation to each person in this chain.

  • Yes often the supply chains are problematic but a lot of brands are doing so much good with the products they create. Maybe this exercise changes how you shop but don’t beat yourself over this or linger on it. The main point is to focus on the appreciation.

  • Picture the chain in your mind. Imagine each link lighting up as your cash and essentially your appreciation, passes through it.

  • You may never see a chocolate digestive in the same way again!