How to refresh yourself and get organised in January

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As the festive season rolls out, January rolls in. It’s cold, grey and dark by 4pm! Sleep patterns are disrupted after too many late nights and not enough early mornings and bank balances are squeaking. On top of that we have constant reminders to set resolutions and make this our best year ever.

The prospect of hibernating for January may seem very tempting (some mammals do) but it’s a great time for groundwork. Groundwork is defined as “work that is done as a preparation for work that will be done later”.

January groundwork is common when gardening.There is always something to do in a garden and in January you will find gardeners preparing for the year.

They’ll be ordering seeds, pruning, cleaning tools and digging over. They know that once the days begin to lengthen and the garden starts to grow they will have no time for these tasks and the time spent on them now will pay off. The pace is slow and the days are short but that’s ok.

If our lives are like gardens, what are the tasks we can do to set ourselves up for the coming year? Can we find some joy in January? Here are five from our list.

Organise your tools: Start tracking your money

Disconnection is a breeding ground for anxiety and tracking your money is the best way I know to stop 3am freak-outs.

If tracking your money sounds terrifying then check out our blog, “Your money has power are you using it?”

And if you are looking for help setting up a system to track your money, our Money Planner has everything you need. Get is as a digital download here.

Design your garden : Create a vision board

What do you want your life to look like this year? Lee Harris, an energy guide has declared 2019 a year of beginnings, visioning and manifesting.

A vision board is a way of planning your “garden” for the year. If you are looking for help creating a vision board then we have a blog for you : “How to build a Vision Board”.

Pruning : Time for Marie Kondo!

I love Marie Kondo and am currently working my way through her new Netflix series. I would happily binge watch the whole lot but I am rationing myself to one a night so that I can spread the joy.

The KonMari Method is about literally putting your house in order. Transforming your home into a tidy, clutter-free space to transform your life. If you don’t fancy the whole process they how about some “Inbox Konmari”? In the summer we created and exercise to help you do just this. Some light pruning rather than landscaping your whole garden.

Fill your well : The Winter Retreat.

Even the most ardent gardeners need time for rest and inspiration. Our Winter Retreat will help you do just that either over the course of a weekend or a longer period.

Find new plants : Become an armchair explorer

Gardeners will spend hours perusing plant catalogues, looking for new plants to add to their gardens. In January we have the perfect excuse to curl up and explore the world from the comfort of our home.

What new plants will you add to your garden this year? How about finding a new podcast or audio book to listen to, or taking time to read those books you were given for Christmas?

Investigate online the places you would like to visit this year and the events you don’t want to miss. Create a new playlist or a film list for those moments when you can’t find anything to watch.

If you like a challenge, set out to find a new experience for each of your senses this year.

Wishing you joy in January!

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