The simple technique that will help you start saving for your dream home now.

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Spring is definitely on it’s way. The daffodils are here and so is Mindful Money Month.

What do we mean by Mindful Money and why have we decided to devote a whole month to it?

Very few of us feel totally relaxed about money. In fact it’s one of the main sources of stress in many people’s lives.

But what happens when we become more mindful about money?

Mindfulness is well recognised as a way to reduce stress. Mindful means being conscious or aware and focusing on the present moment. Mindfulness practices encourage you to reconnect to your senses. What can smell, taste, touch, hear now?

Mindfulness takes you out of your head and into the world around you. This helps you to stand back from your thoughts and see any patterns there may be. When you step back you become able to see changes that you could make.

It takes you off “autopilot” and allows you to have new experiences of anything you may be taking for granted.

So this month we want to become present with our money. This starts with paying attention to it. Being conscious of where we spend it and why. Becoming an observer of our money beliefs and habits.

This will allow us to see patterns and make changes so that we can use money to build lives we love rather than limit them.

At Build a Life you Love, we define a life you love as, “Doing what you love, with people you love in places you love” and that includes living somewhere you love.

Homes are expensive and owning your own place can seem like an impossible goal. It takes enormous determination to save for something that feels impossible.

Every day we are presented with countless opportunities to spend money. When the goal you are saving for is some way off it’s all too easy find yourself hitting the “Buy Now” button and justifying it with a quick, “I’ve been working so hard I deserve that” or “Who knows what’s going to happen in the future” or “That’s such a good price, I’d be mad not to”.

So could being more mindful with your money help you start saving for your dream home?

Yes it could and we’ve created a course to help you do just that.

Six steps to saving for your home or any other financial goal that feels impossible.

The course is absolutely free and you can sign up below.