Behind the Business: Just Jaz


Ever looked at another woman’s career and thought, how did they get there and how can I do it too?

Us too! That’s why each week we’re interviewing a woman who inspires us. They’re giving us a candid look behind the scenes and sharing their journeys to creating lives they love.

We’ve loved creating this series and we hope you enjoy it too!

What exactly do you do for work?

I do a few things, by day I’m a customer success manager at a tech company and all other hours I’m a life coach and creator (which sounds super vague but it’s a nice umbrella term for all other project that I “create”)

When did you find the work you love?

I found it in 2017. It was a very natural part of my journey. I’ve always loved people and wanted to bring something new into the world as an entrepreneur but it wasn’t until my first life coaching session that I thought...OMG this is it! The work I do with clients 1:1 inspires the workshops, writing and now personal development focused projects, it’s very much the heartbeat.

How did you get to where you are now? What was your journey?

My journey was a long windy one. I initially studied hospitality management and university. I found the industry wasn’t for me due to the compromises I was making in my mental health and work/life balance. I then took a new step into property and a few years and a PgDip later I am now working full time in tech. It was my job in tech that introduced me to the World of coaching, I’ve always been fascinated by people and personal development and growth so the former introduction was life changing. I decided to then train as a Life Coach and began my practice in January 2018. My whole journey to this point has been a leveraging of transferable skills and staying close to people and helping them achieve their self-defined goals (both as a Life Coach and Customer Success Manager in tech).

Looking back, what advice would you give yourself when you were starting out?

Do it sooner, you have everything you need and more to begin.

I say it with the caviat that I have grown as a person in order to understand what “it” is and how to execute it, but I’ve always had internet, ideas, great networks and tenacity.

How do you stay feeling creative and inspired?

Sleep, walks and friends.

What does a good work-life balance look like for you? And how do you maintain it?

It means going with MY flow. The flow that means I work from home when I need and work a later shift when I need. Getting the objectives met and the job done in a way that doesn’t jeopardize me, my mental health and ultimate well-being. I am lucky that I enjoy all my “works” which makes it even more important for life-time and down-time to be truly that so I’m not burnt-out or giving less-than in any area.

How does being a woman affect your work?

I find it empowers me. Being a woman in my family means juggling several things, sharing, being considerate, being creative. All the things that are needed to do the work that I do. I find as I get older my definition of woman evolves but I think it’s integral I think if I was a boy my perspective would be different and I certainly know many of my experiences (those better and those worse) won’t have taken place.

How do you stay motivated when work and life get tough?

Friends. There is nothing like escaping down the phone or to an eatery to escape into a relationship complete with laughter, honesty and encouragement. Beyond that, taking time away (via plane or disconnecting internet etc) to get perspective and recharge gratitude-batteries.

How do you ensure you practise self care?

I have self-care integrated to my routine. Bubble baths on weekends, sleeping when I am tired, accountability partner in the form of boyfriend who tells me off when my sentences no longer string together properly. For me, this is a natural result of high stress and no sleep, can also be quite funny when it happens, the other day I said I need to descale the kettle while holding and referring to the iron….

What does money mean to you?

A means to things. A means of investment in myself and others but also a means to changing how I experience the World in my day to day but also long term.

What one piece of money advice would you give to your younger self?

Save. No matter how small.

What’s next for you?

I am launching a personal development community complete with resource, actual community and other people who are obsessed with personal development and human growth like I am. The first part of this is the PALM250 Project; a collection of 250 stories of the aforementioned personal development and human growth share via podcast (already out on soundcloud, coming soon to other platforms) or blog/article.

Outside of this, making more time to work with 1:1 clients and developing a group coaching program for 2019!

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