Why taking better care of your money is self care

Photo by Fabian Blank

Money and self-care don’t often appear in the same sentence but I believe that taking care of money is a form of self-care.

You make decisions every day based on money and will have a relationship with it until the day you die. You can’t dump or divorce money!

For most of us, this is not a fun relationship. At best it’s probably one we resent slightly but often it’s stressful and at times scary. I think one of the reasons we all want to win the lottery is so that we NEVER HAVE TO THINK ABOUT MONEY AGAIN.

If you’re going to be in relationship with something for the rest of your life, you might as well enjoy it.

One of the ways you can improve your relationship with money is to pay it some attention and start tracking it. Tracking or counting is not a modern tool. It has been practiced by generations and is a time-honoured tradition.

It simply means recording each day the money that you have received and the money you have spent. If the thought of that fills you with dread, let me re-frame it for you. This is not some form of financial calorie counting.

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” - Anna Lappe

By recording your spending each day you become very conscious of where your money goes. Yes this may reveal some spending habits you would like to change but this isn’t about finding a new way to beat yourself up. Instead, see it as giving you an opportunity to change your world.

Think Marie Kondo!

The KonMari method focuses on keeping items that spark joy, imagine if everything you spent money on sparked joy. There may be some things you spend money on at the moment that do spark joy but there may be others that feel a waste of money or that you resent.

Tracking allows you to keep an eye of all of this. If an expenditure doesn’t spark joy, then can you switch that spending to something that would? Remember this is actually how you create your world.

What if it’s something you feel you have no choice over? If that really is the case then find a way for it to spark joy. For example, we often grumble about paying taxes but spend a moment considering all that these make possible for ourselves and others.

When it comes to the process itself, how do you track your money?

We created our Money Planner to help you do this. I’ve been tracking my money for a number of years now and this is based on the planner I use. But mine was black and white and boring. I believe that money doesn’t have to be ugly so our Money Planner is colourful and filled with beautiful photos to inspire you through the year.

A planner covers the whole year and you don’t have to start in January. You can start at any point in the year.

How can I get started?

Whether you get the planner or not, the first steps towards taking better care of your money and yourself this week is tracking it. So if this feels like a step you're ready to take, track all the money that comes in and goes out from today to next Sunday.

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We'll be back next week with another money tool, the weekly money date. 🌹

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