An easy to follow routine that can transform your money relationship!

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One of the questions I like to ask people when I talk to them about money is, “If money were one of your friends, how would you describe that friendship?”

How often do you get in touch with her during the week?

Does she help you feel good about yourself or do you feel deflated after spending time with her?

Is she reliable? Or there one minute and gone the next?

Do you feel that you can call on her when you need to?

Can you share your ambitions with her and know she will encourage you?

Is she like that girl your parents made you spend time with because they thought she would be a good influence?

If you think back to your time at school, which friend or maybe non-friend does money remind you of?

Now think about your best friend. How would you describe that relationship?

What would it be like if money were one of your best friends?

Impossible, right?! Well, hold on a moment.

Each of us has a unique relationship with money. We pick up most of our beliefs about it from our parents, probably before the age of 6. We absorb these beliefs like a sponge, they are so deep seated we rarely question them. If we don’t question them, we can’t change them, they don’t develop past our 6 year old’s understanding.

So if you’re not careful, you can end up with a 6 year old running your finances!

You make decisions every day based on money and will have a relationship with it until the day you die. You can’t dump or divorce money! It’s a long time to spend with something you don’t like.

The good news is you can change your relationship with money and like any relationship it starts with spending time together, so how about setting up a weekly date night with your money?

Set aside a time each week to look at your money. I do it on a Sunday afternoon as it sets me up for the week. When I first started I admit that it did feel like getting down to that piece of homework I had been putting off but I now actually look forward to it.

It helps me to stay on top of my money, make sure I am making progress towards my goals and manage any nasty bills or surprises.

My Money date night actually helps me to enjoy my money so much more.

What do you do on a money date? Here’s our suggestions

1. Pay Bills.

2. Send reminders to people who owe you money.

3. Clear out your purse and stay on top of filling.

4. Check progress against monthly goals.

5. Adjust spending if needed for progress to goals.

Ready to romance your cash?

Decide when your money date will be this week. This is the first step towards a better financial future.

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