The secret to breaking bad money habits that are holding you back.

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A few weeks ago I wrote about taking care of your money as a form of self-care. I started out by saying that you don’t often see money and self-care in the same sentence. This week I’m putting two more unlikely words together, money and romantic.

What does being a romantic have to do with money? I promise this has absolutely nothing to do with Valentine’s Day.

The Romantic is one eight Sacred Money Archetypes. Sacred and money are probably two more words you don’t expect to see together but that’s for another time :)

Developed by Kendall Summer Hawk, the Sacred Money Archetypes help you to understand what makes you tick when it comes to money. Each of us has a different relationship with money. It’s a unique combination of what we learned about money growing up, what our experience of money has been and what we value.

One of the mistakes we make is to assume that other people feel the same way about money as we do. This can create all kinds of misunderstandings which can cause trouble in our relationships.

We each have a unique money DNA and the Sacred Money Archetypes help you to understand yours.

Do you have a friend who can’t seem to stop shopping online even though they already have a wardrobe full of clothes and a large credit card debt?

How about a friend who is always bailing out hopeless partners?

Or maybe a friend who wants to move out but can’t save the money they need because they are always going out?

Are you someone who has great ideas but can never seem make money with them?

Or someone who has savings but is still afraid of running out of money?

Or maybe you know that you work hard and although you earn well you are too busy to enjoy it?

These patterns all reflect different archetypes. Nurturers can’t help but look after people and that can mean lending people money even when they don’t have it. Alchemists are incredibly creative and have loads of great ideas but they rarely convert into cash.

Accumulators are great at looking after money but they can be really anxious about it. Connectors on the other hand love people but are difficult to pin down when it comes to money.

Rulers are empire builders but find it difficult to switch off and that can be challenging for people around them.

So what about Romantics?

Romantics love spending money. They love luxury and beauty and are not afraid to spend money to enjoy it. The challenge is that they can spend more than they earn.

All the archetypes have challenges and gifts when it comes to money, even the ones that seem to have it all sorted. It doesn’t matter what your archetype is, you can make money. You just need to do it in your own way.

You can find out what your Sacred Money Archetype by completing our FREE online assessment and if you are ready to embrace your money personality, we can help you.

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