What to do when you feel overwhelmed about money.

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You know the feeling when you look at your credit card statement and it’s way more than you expected. Or suddenly there’s a bill you hadn’t anticipated, or maybe more than one. Or you are considering your future and you just can’t see how you are going to manage financially, unless of course you win the lottery.

It’s so very easy to become overwhelmed about money.

People will often say, “Oh well it’s just money.” But it isn’t JUST money. Money isn’t just numbers on a screen, it’s emotional and we are constantly told that our survival depends on it.

No surprise then, that money is a top source of stress. In fact surveys showed that 77% of UK residents are stressed about money, with 14% worrying about it daily.

The big mistake we make when we feel overwhelmed?

We rush to draw up a budget or massively cut our spending.

This is a big mistake, we’re already stressed out and we can’t make clear decisions from that space.

Instead, take a deep breath and get curious.

What on earth do I mean by that?

Money is a great way of seeing what is really going on in our lives. So when we feel overwhelmed about money, it’s often showing us something.

Imagine for a moment that there’s a part of you that knows you even better than you think you do. That part of you is watching your daily life and thinking:

“We can do better than this”.

It needs to get your attention. It’s been trying to whisper in your ear but that hasn’t been working.

So it decides to shout.

Suddenly something happens that means you have to take a good look at your money. A surprise cost or an unexpected bill. You can’t carry on as you were. Now that you’ve had to stop, your inner can finally get your attention. This inner voice has your best interest at heart and has a plan.

How can you find out what your inner voices’s plan is? You’re going to have to do some detective work.

Start tracking your money (if you don’t already). If you really can’t face money tracking, just do it for a day!

For one day look at where your money is going. Make a note of all the money that comes into you and all the money that goes out.

Then, have a look at your tracking notes, what do they show you? Is your spending reflecting a balanced version of your top archetype? Is that spending driven by love? Or by fear? Are you even aware of your spending?

Tracking in this way gives you great clarity. Clarity is the fastest way out of overwhelm.

Tracking helps you see changes that you can bring your into balance.

These internally driven changes reflect the part of you that knows you so well. It’s inviting you to make those changes so that you can begin to build a life you love.

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