The Money Personality guide to a relaxing and abundant Easter break

relaxing abundant easter

I always look forward to the Easter break. A lovely long week end and this year it looks as though we are going to have beautiful weather too.

Sitting at the kitchen table this morning, organising the week end with Holly I spotted a flaw in our plans. I realised we had discussed two ambitious DIY projects, a number of jobs for the garden as well as a shopping trip and I’ll be honest with you, I’m tired.

The Ruler strikes again!

Holly and I have the same money personality, the Ruler and while this means we share the same gifts, we also share the same challenges. Rulers are great at creating an empire where everyone thrives but not so great at indulging in enjoying life in the moment.

I realised that we were being unrealistic about what we could achieve in a week end, even a four day one and that maybe it was time to practice some of that grace and ease, Rulers find so tricky.

So the Easter plans have been revised. I am planning to do nothing. Empire building can wait and I am challenging myself to enjoy the empire I already have. I have a pile of books waiting to be read, a half watched Netflix series and Gardeners’ World is back on TV :)

It did though get Holly and me thinking about what challenges the other money archetypes might face over Easter and how they could also break with tradition. Here’s what we came up with. If you don’t know what your archetype is, you can find out easily with our free assessment which you can download from here.


Enjoy some abundance. It’s one thing to be cautious it’s another to save absolutely everything for a special occasion. How about using those gift cards or that bubble bath that you’ve been saving?


Come to your senses. The Alchemist’s challenge is grounding all their inspiration. How about a 5 senses challenge? Can you engage all of your senses in one day?


Woah there Cowgirl. Spring can mean a drastic fresh start where you sweep to one side everything you’ve built.

Instead how about challenging yourself to dive into a classic. Maybe an art gallery or a museum. All important artist, scientific or historic advances were made by trailblazers who went against the grain. These are your people, let that feed you.


It’s a really tempting time for you. There are so many beautiful things (clothing, interiors, trips) being presented. Instead of rushing to part with your money, why not use your superior skills to highlight the beauty you’ve already created in your home and personal style.


So you’ve probably already booked in at least one social occasion for every day of the break. Challenge yourself to keep a diary over the weekend to record the highlights of each day. Can you record 20 highlights a day? This is a great way to avoid those post party blues.

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train.” - Oscar Wilde


So how many people have you offered to help already? Your big heart makes it hard for you to say no to those you love but you can’t help people if you’re burnt out yourself. What one thing could you do to restore yourself? Book in time for it.


Your diary is most likely as full as the Celebrity’s. Before you go out into the world how about spending a little time each morning connecting to yourself? Journal 5 things you appreciate about yourself each morning. This will help you connect to yourself as well as you connect to the rest of the world.

And finally a reminder for myself...


Find grace and ease. You don’t have to build your whole empire in a weekend (even if you have two extra days) How about spending a little time enjoying what you’ve already created?