The secret to understanding money.


Understanding money is a lot like being back at school.

If your school experiences were anything like ours, you had mixed abilities. There were topics you were good at and others that you simply couldn’t grasp no matter how hard you tried.

Then there were the other kids. The kids who seemed to breeze through everything, who were good at everything.

It seemed to you that some kids were simply smarter than others.

What if we told you that isn’t strictly true?

There is a wonderful book by Dawna Markova called, “How your child is smart.” In it she describes 6 different learning styles. You’re probably aware of the difference between auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learners but how we learn is actually much more complex than that.

Learning something new involves not only our conscious mind but also our subconscious and unconscious minds. And guess what? They each have a preferred way of learning.

Dawna Markova combined the two and came up with six learning patterns with fabulous names like, “The Movers and Groovers” and “The Wandering Wonderers”.

Interestingly, traditional school probably only suits one learning style. The other five have to adapt or more likely, they fail. The Movers and Groovers and Wandering Wonderers have a particularly tough time. They do their best but leave school feeling they aren’t very smart.

They watch other kids managing to do the things they can’t and assume it’s because they are lazy or stupid. They are not, the other kids are simply being taught in a way that works for them.

This is why we say understanding money is like being back at school.

You watch other people making money and getting it to work for them and somehow, no matter how hard you try it doesn’t seem to come together for you. Even though you may be really smart in other areas of life, money just confuses you.

It’s very easy to decide that, like maths or science or english, that you are just hopeless with money. But in the same way that there isn’t just one learning style, there isn’t just one money style.

Leaving aside the fact that very few of us are actually taught how to manage money, the first step to managing your money is knowing your money personality. It’s just like finding out your learning style.

Your money personality will help you to understand your individual gifts and challenges and how you can set up a method that works for you.

There may be common components in each persons money method but they come together differently. One size does not fit all.

So if you are struggling with your money, it’s not because you are lazy or stupid, it could just be because you are a money “Mover and Shaker”!

If you’re ready to stop feeling the kid that’s behind at school and want to find your money style, take our free money personality questionnaire.

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