Are you short changing yourself?

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This week one of my financial heroes, Sallie Krawcheck, blew my mind once again.

She spoke about a piece of research that explored how the genders view money. We all think of money as being like water. 

The difference? Men see money as a river. Money flows in and flows out, it goes up and down but it's always moving and there's always more coming in.

Women view money as a pond, it needs constant care and the water level only ever goes down. 

To quote Sallie "by viewing [money] as a scarce resource and not viewing it as having the ability to grow we tend to short change ourselves"


She also touched on how for many of us these beliefs are shaped in our childhoods. Little girls are taught to be careful with money, little boys are taught to go out and make more money.

Listening to her confirmed a few things for me:

1. Our attitudes towards money are complicated, they are often shaped when we are very little so they can be hard to pin down.

2. Money's about more than budgeting and investing. It's much deeper than that.

3. With such deep seated beliefs it's no wonder lots of us get the nervous sweats when it comes to money!

This kind of stuff is at the heart of why I trained as a money coach. If we can hit reset on our money mindsets, I think we'll all be pretty unstoppable.

How could you hit reset on your money mindset this week? Is your money flowing, or feeling more pond like? 

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