What you’re saying to yourself (and the universe) when you invest your money.

how to invest investing for women

For a long time I was scared of investing. I’m dyslexic, so numbers are hard to grasp. This makes money confusing and investing felt exceptionally abstract.

What’s a share? What’s the difference between a stock and a bond? Is it really like Wolf of Wall Street?

When I started reading up I found lots of really helpful investing advice. But even when I understood the basic mechanics and knew doing it would improve my financial situation, I struggled to take the plunge and just do it.

So why couldn’t I start investing?

I believe that money is emotional. Our bank balance is inherently linked to how safe we feel in the world. Money decides whether we live the life of our dreams, or become trapped in a nightmare.

Investing carries risk. There’s no guarantee you’ll get your money back and even when you see how financial markets have historically always improved over time, it can be really scary to release your hard earned cash into a system that seems so crazy.

I knew logic wasn’t going to get me investing. I needed to find a deeper motivation.

So here are 3 mindset shifts that helped me finally start investing.

#1 I plan to be on this Earth in 5,10 or 15 years time.

This might sound obvious but I was honestly surprised to turn 27. My twenties have been a bumpy ride and I’ve lost a few friends way before their time.

When I started investing, I realised I was planning into the future. This was something I’d never done or believed would be possible. It felt like taking my head out of the water and looking towards the horizon after years of thrashing around in the sea.

Investing my money means I see a longterm future for myself

#2 I believe in the “system”.

I realised that simply put when you invest you are putting your money into businesses, and through them, into the “system”.

This system supports our wants and needs and money is its life force. That’s not to say that it’s not fundamentally flawed but by investing, I was making the choice to take my money out of separation and place it back into the collective.

I believe we make the world better when we’re making change together. So, because I believe in this system, I want a seat at the table. Investing gives you that seat and allows you to share in the success too.

#3 I can feel (a little) fear and do it anyway.

Investing carries risk and I am in many ways a risk averse person. Sky diving is definitely not on my bucket list.

What I started to see was investing could help me stretch my risk muscle. It gave me an opportunity to operate from a place of love, not fear when it came to my money.

This isn’t about being reckless with my cash. It’s actually about allowing myself to decide the rewards outweigh the risks and to put money, and by proxy myself, out into the world. As they say, “you have to be in it to win it” and investing can be a great opportunity to reap the rewards of just going for it.

So if you’re looking to find your investing mojo, I hope these ideas help!

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