8 ways to treat yourself and improve day to day life without breaking the bank.

treat yourself on a budget

If you’re feeling you need to make a change in your life, you might like to try a “3 degree turn” first.

What does that mean?

Think about tuning a radio. When you are close to a new station there is often a lot of static so it sounds terrible. It’s tempting to turn the dial quickly in the opposite direction to stop the noise and see what else you can find.

But, if you just make a small adjustment, usually you land right on the station and everything comes through loud and clear.

The same happens in life.

Sometimes when you are working towards something new, the moment before it all comes together feels awful. It’s often called the, “breakdown, before the breakthrough”.

You find yourself wondering what on earth you are doing and doubting everything. You may even give up and retreat, rather like turning the dial back to the old station you were listening to before.

So, if you are ever feeling that everything is wrong and you need to move, find a new job or a new partner you could try a “3 degree turn” first. A small change, enhancement to what already exists.

It might not do the trick but then you will know that the big change really is required. If you go for the big change first, you can’t always go back and do the small change.

Even if you don’t feel the need for a big change at the moment, life can always be fine tuned or enhanced.

Last week we headed to Ikea to buy some houseplants. Despite being a keen gardener, in the past I have been dreadful and keeping houseplants alive. I forget them and then drench them.

So I’ve been practicing 😊

At the end of March we bought a couple of houseplants. I am amazed by the difference they have made to the house. Not only do they look lovely, the rooms they are in feel much fresher.

As they are still thriving so we decided to expand the collection.

This small change really has enhanced my life.

This got us thinking about the money archetypes and what enhancement we could suggest for each archetype bearing in mind their gifts and challenges. A small change that would enable them enhance their daily life without breaking the bank.

Here’s what we came up with. If you fancy watching rather than reading, check out our videos on Instagram.

Ruler : The Inner Empire Builder.

The challenge for the Ruler is to enjoy the present moment. They are hugely motivated to create new opportunities but this can mean they are too focused on the future and fail to enjoy what they have already created.

Our suggestion: I’m a Ruler so this is one that really worked for me. Find a lovely mug or cup to enjoy your first cup of tea or coffee in the morning. I had some beautiful cups which I wasn’t using as they were “too special”. I then started to use one in the morning for my first cup of coffee because you know, every day is special.

Nurturer: The Inner Sponsor.

The challenge for Nurturers is to take as much care of themselves as they do of others. Nurturers are naturally good with money but can get into debt helping loved ones. The same goes for their energy. They spend so much time and energy on others that they end up exhausted and resentful.

Our suggestion: A date with a bubble bath. Buy a bath bomb or better still a bottle of lovely bath oil and use it! Take time to restore and replenish your energy. You cannot give to others what you don’t have.

Romantic: The Inner Hedonist

Romantics don’t really need help with life enhancement. They are naturals. But we do have a suggestion for enhancing their relationship with money.

Our suggestion: Buy a beautiful file to keep your money paperwork in. Money doesn’t have to be boring or ugly. If you are reaching for something beautiful every time you are dealing with money matters, you will begin to see it differently.

Accumulator: The Inner Banker

Accumulators have a lot of fear around money running out so are often reluctant to spend money on something that isn’t essential.

Our suggestion: Have a look at your purse or wallet. What condition is it in? How do you feel about it? How about buying a lovely new one? Accumulators are great at saving money but investing can be hard so you could start with a small investment in a new purse to keep your money in. We use our purses every day so this would provide a lot of enjoyment for a small amount. A great return on investment :)

Alchemist: The Inner Idealist

The challenge for alchemists is to ground their ideas and themselves! They have a love/hate relationship with money so are reluctant to engage with it in a positive way.

Our suggestion: A beautiful scented candle could help you engage your senses and ground. Take a mindful moment to enjoy the scent, the sound, the sight of the flame.

Celebrity: The Inner Big Shot

Celebrities are charismatic, the life and soul of the party. They love being in the spotlight. The challenge is, out of the spotlight life can feel rather empty.

Our suggestion: Find a beautiful frame for your favourite photo of yourself. A photo that captures a special moment for you when you felt in your element. Allow it to hold that feeling for you and place it somewhere you can see it whenever you feel in need of a mood boost.

Connector: The Inner Relationship Creator

Heart to heart connections are far more important to connectors that making money. They also have a great deal of faith and optimism when it comes to money. Their challenge is to become financially independent.

Our suggestion: The gift of the connector is making friendships and touching the lives of others. How about investing in a lovely address book to record those connections? Sometimes a connector just needs reminding of the richness they have already created.

Maverick: The Inner Rebel with a Cause

Mavericks are more into revolution than enhancement. They rebellious, bold and courageous. Enhancement smacks of “establishment” The challenge for the maverick is to balance their risk taking with more conventional methods of making money.

Our suggestion: How about a piggy bank? Find a piggy bank that makes you smile and use it to save all your loose change. When it’s full you can use that as a “fun fund” for more speculative ventures.

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