How you can self-care with your money.

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As the temperature drops, the holidays end and school starts we all look to September as a fresh start. The problem is after all the summer fun, money may well be the last thing you want to think about. Summer is the time of year we tend to overspend and we can feel like we don't have enough cash.  This becomes super stressful and doesn’t do our relationship with money much good.

This cash stress combined with the pressures of getting back into a school or work routine can seriously hamper our ability to put our best foot forward as we step into the next phase of the year. 

So how about spending a little time refreshing your relationship with money.

💸Pocket Money💸

If you’re not British, pocket might sound like a funny phrase. Essentially, pocket money is “a small amount of money given to a child by its parents, typically on a regular basis.” You might have called it an allowance instead.

When was the last time you got pocket money? Did you even get pocket money? 

If you did, you probably remember the excitement of getting your money and deciding what to spend it on. In this exercise you’re going to combine money with self-care by tapping into the childhood joy of pocket money. It’s also a great way of reminding us that fun can be frugal and there are wonderful simple pleasures available to us.

💸How it works 💸

  • You are going to give yourself £5 pocket money for a week.

  • ONLY £5 pounds- this is not about splurging and feeling guilty later this is about tapping into childhood fun and being creative with your money.

  • If you have a £5 note then take it out of your purse and put it in an envelope or a separate purse. If you can make it up with loose change, even better. Count it out and again put it in an envelope or purse.

  • If you can’t afford the whole £5 in one week, then make it up over a few weeks.

  • Now have fun spending your £5. Take your time and think about it. What will you buy to enjoy?

If you’re feeling resistant to spending any more cash right now, think of this as a “bravery present”. 

When I was little, anytime I had to do something scary (like a dentist appointment) Tracy would give me a “bravery present”. This small gift would reward me for being brave and it would help me to get through the scary event I was facing.

It might sound trite but I think we still deserve bravery presents as adults. But as the stress levels get higher, we often get worse at rewarding ourselves for the challenges we overcome.

This particularly applies to women.This HSE study found women “had a statistically significantly higher rate” of work-place related stress, anxiety and depression than their counterparts with women ages 35-44 having the most cases. Researchers reckon this “sandwich generation” of women suffer the most as they are often balancing high ranking work roles with the pressures of family life.  

With this is mind, it’s clear that it’s really important for women to keep making time for self-care. When we’re busy and under pressure, looking after ourselves often gets pushed to the bottom of the list and this effects our wellbeing in the long run.

Spending £5 on a treat for yourself is a great step towards better self-care.