How to make a Vision Board

how to build a vision board 2019 build a life you love

This short blog outlines our Vision Board approach. It’s slightly different to how other people do it, so it’s worth reading through before you start, we hope it helps.

A vision is a picture of a desired future so the first step is to create a picture of yours. You will need:

  • 2 or 3 inspiring magazines

  • A piece of cardboard about 60 x 70cm. This does not need to be fancy. Each year I create my new vision board from the side of a cardboard box. “Reduce, reuse, recycle” :)

  • Pair of scissors

  • A glue stick

Most vision board exercises begin with identifying what you want but really these are best guesses of what you think will create the feeling you are after. We are going to build your vision from the inside out, and use your board to capture the feeling.

Decide how far ahead your vision will be. It could be one year, three years, five years depending on what feels good and expansive for you. Sometimes one year doesn’t feel far enough so go for three or five max.

Ask yourself, how you would like to feel then? What is the feeling you are seeking to create?

Flick through the magazines and rip out anything that catches your eye. It could be a picture, a word, a colour. Try not to overthink this. You don’t have to understand it. Let your expanded self guide you.

Cut around the pages you have ripped out and arrange them on the cardboard

Once you are happy with it, take a photo to record where everything goes

Glue it all in place, remembering to leave a small space. The small space of cardboard represents the unknown, it creates a visual representation of space for expansion in your vision.