Winter Self-Care


How do you feel about winter? Actually how do you feel about the prospect of Monday 21st January? In 2019 this will be Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year apparently.

Why am I raising this now when it’s almost two months away and bad enough when we get there without giving it extra attention?

How about planning a winter retreat for yourself in January?

This year we took a new look at summer because although we love it summer can be stressful. Longer days are wonderful but they can disrupt our sleep pattern and with so many summer activities on offer, it can be overwhelming. So we created nine activities to help us to reconnect with ourselves, recharge and refresh.

When we finished the series we pulled it together into a DIY Summer Retreat for anyone who wanted to take a summer holiday without leaving home. As winter approached we wondered whether we could repurpose the Summer Retreat as a Winter Retreat to help us find joy in January.

Winter is a wonderful opportunity for restoration.

The darkness gives us an excuse to close the curtains and withdraw into the comfort of our homes. The cold means we can wrap up in cosy layers, slow down and follow natures lead.

The Winter Retreat needed 9 new activities, one for each of the squares of our self-care grid. Lives are multi-dimensional and over-focusing on some areas while neglecting others is often the root cause of stress, so we identified 9 areas for the Build a Live You Love self-care grid. The Winter Retreat has an activity for each square, allowing time for each area and restoring balance.

As we sourced beautiful photographs and inspiring quotes to enhance the experience we began to wonder whether we could create a physical product with space to journal. We decided to print one to see what it looked like.

Often when you see something printed it’s disappointing, less vibrant than on a screen but when our copy arrived last week we loved it. Yes there were typos and some changes to be made but there was something magical about holding it and turning the pages.

Then I remembered that when I was very young, probably not even 4, I loved to help my Dad with the newspapers in the morning. He was a newsagent and I remember making books out of the carbon copy paper that came with the newspapers and covering myself with blue ink. Then I would draw on the pages, covering myself in more ink!

I have always wanted to create a book and so has Holly. So this year we are realising that dream. Our Winter Retreat will be printed, in fact it will only be available in that form to provide a break from screen time. We’ve added journal pages and a dedication page at the front so that it can be a gift to yourself or someone else.

We are now waiting for our first batch.....excited doesn’t even come close :)