Sacred Money Archetypes 1-1 Session

Sacred Money Archetypes 1-1 Session



A Sacred Money Archetypes 1-1 session can unlock your money potential now.

A fascinating, detailed look at your Sacred Money Archetypes. It will help you understand who you truly are when it comes to money and reveal powerful improvements you can make.

With your top three archetypes, we can get to the heart of your money personality, your money gifts, challenges and potential.

Understand them so you can be your best and create the life you’re dreaming of.

“Having a 1-1 session with Holly has been one of the best investments I've made this year. Understanding my money mindset has not only allowed me to identify my areas of weakness but to bringing out the best in me and my approach to building relationships and my business. I cannot recommend Holly enough!”


What to expect

  • We email you a detailed assessment to identify your money archetypes. This can be completed on a computer or printed off.

  • Your assessment scores will reveal your Sacred Money Archetypes.

  • Once you’ve sent us your scores, we set up an appointment for a 60 minute call on the phone or via Skype.

  • Before your session, we use your scores to create your unique money archetypes profile that reveals your money gifts and challenges.

  • During the session, we take you through your profile in detail, leaving plenty of time for questions. We also explore how you can use your new understanding to overcome any money challenges you’re facing right now.

  • You will be provided with full session notes so you can enjoy the experience and leave with clear action points.

If you are not feeling the transformation after your session, we will give you your money back.

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