Everyday Money Magic Planner: MOON

Everyday Money Magic Planner: MOON



An all-in-one, easy to follow money management system.

The Everyday Money Magic Planner has daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly sections designed to help you keep tabs on your money.

With it you can track all of your earnings and expenses. You can also use it to plan your money going forward and work towards your money goals.

No prior money knowledge is needed, everything you need is inside.

The planner is undated so you can start it at anytime of the year, even if you’re halfway through a month.

What to expect:

  • An A5 journal (148 x 210mm)

  • Paper: Untreated, recycled paper, 80 gsm with 170 gsm cover

  • 66 pages (132 sides)

  • Designed and printed in the UK

  • Daily tracking sheets- for logging all your income and expenses

  • Weekly reviews- to help you stay on track

  • Monthly and Quarterly reviews- reflect on your progress and plan ahead

  • Yearly review- a complete record of your money for the year and space to plan next year

  • 4 Quarters each with a unique quote and colour to keep you inspired.

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