"[The A New Look At...workshop] was such a great start of the day."

— Alsu Zianshina Associate Director, EMEA Marketing, Cushman & Wakefield


"[A New Look At Money helped me explore] money as a tool for the expression of my passions and joys"

— Susan hayward, Founder, the space you're in


"I just had a thorough read-through [of A New Look At Changing Your Mind] and...I'm very enlightened from [Tracy's] wisdom! Thank you for including me in the process! Hoping for heaps of success with this treasure"

— Rachel Finninger, Model/ actress 

"Thank you so much [for the A New Look At Workshop at Second Home] It was so much fun!"

— Karin Killander, community manager, Second Home


"[A New Look At Money was] a thought-provoking look at how we interact with money to make it work for us"

— Wilma Allan, owner/creator, being at the cottage




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