Embrace your money personality with the Sacred Money Archetypes Guide

Embrace your money personality with the Sacred Money Archetypes Guide

  • Want to feel abundant and stop worrying about money?

  • Know you need to take a look at your finances but want to do it privately?

  • Want a different way to take control of your money that doesn’t involve ridiculous budgets or penny pinching?

Here’s what you get when you buy our guide:

  • Section 1: The Sacred Money Archetypes questionnaire to find out your archetypes.

  • Section 2: In depth archetype insights that we simply don’t give out anywhere else.

  • Section 3: Comprehensive, easy to follow exercises that look at the delicate balance formed by your top three archetypes.

  • Section 4: Exercise to help you unleash the secret power hidden in your bottom archetype. (Ooooh!)

"I thought this would be like most 'personality quizzes' and that I would be able to guess from the questions where it could possibly be leading.

My sacred money archetypes brought me to tears as they were accurate, hauntingly spot-on, and they were also speaking to something I had been reflecting on as an entrepreneur who sets values against products and services as well as a full-time employee with a salary.

I often say: "money isn't my thing" but I realise that it is my thing and with the clear money alignment questions alongside each archetype I was able to see that my beliefs clearly dictate my finances and not the other way around. "

~ Just Jaz

“The Sacred Money Archetypes Questionnaire [gives you] a fascinating insight into your mindset, limiting beliefs, strengths and weaknesses around money…It was such a powerful exercise and I love what [build a life you.love are] doing - us girls need to have these conversations more.”

~ Kat Horrocks

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