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Step One: Getting clear on what you want

Homes are expensive and it’s easy to become disheartened by the amount of money you feel you need to have saved before you can move into your own place.

In fact, it can seem so impossible that you don’t actually start.

On top of that you are presented with countless opportunities to spend money every day.

Did you know that you see about 10,000 brand messages a day?

That's a lot of sales tactics to say "no thank you" to!

So, if you’ve tried saving before or feel overwhelmed by the amount you think you need that’s ok. We are going to tackle this at the outset so that we set you up for success.

You are going to make hundreds of decisions that are going to either move you towards or away from your savings goal so we need to make sure it has motivational power!

We are all about building a life YOU love not one you think you should love. So if you are only saving for your own place because your friends and family think it’s a good idea but you would rather be traveling around the world, it’s not going to work.

Also, do you want to own your home or would renting give you the freedom you are looking for? There are no right or wrong answers here but it’s important to have something that is really going to excite you and pull you forward.

Your homework 📚

Start off by completing these sentences on your goal sheet in your workbook

  • My goal is to..................................

  • This will make me feel.............................

  • To do this I need to save money for................

Got questions? 
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