The System


Log any money that comes in and goes out.

Money going out could be standing orders, direct debits, cash and contactless payments. Don’t forget items you paid for by credit card.

Money coming in could be salary, commission, refunds, interest or maintenance payments.

It all counts, even the tiny bits of cash. When it comes to money, information is power.

daily money tracking money management build a life you love


Weekly, check in with your money.

Sit down each week and go through your money. First make sure you’ve logged everything in the daily money tracking.

Then go through the expenses and transfer them to the Expenses for the Month section.

We’ve set up some categories for you to use. We’ve also provided bullet points so you can remind yourself which expenses go into each category.

This is also a good time to revise your spending and set a money goal for the coming week if you want to.

As you get used to your weekly check in you may want to add extra tasks, for example, clearing out your purse, filing receipts, exploring bigger money goals. So, we’ve created some blank spaces so you can customise it to suit you.

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Expenses for the Month

At the end of the month, total your expenses for each of the categories on the expense sheet. Then add up your total income for the month and the total of all the expenses categories.

Log these on the monthly review sheet.

Monthly Review

Then have fun looking back over the month, what worked with money this month? What would you like to change about money next month and what are you going to focus on next month?

expenses for the month money management money planner
monthly money planner money management build a life you love


At the end of three months, a quarter of the year, it’s time to hit pause.

You now have so much more information about yourself and your money. Look back over the three months that have passed. Everything is recorded there.

Celebrate what you have achieved, tune in to how you feel and prepare for the next three months.

(It’s also time for a colour change. Each quarter has it’s own colour to help you keep track)

quarterly review money management money planner


Woohoo, you’ve completed a whole year!

Total your income for the year and your expenses. Also total each category. Never again will you wonder how much you spend on clothes each year. You can see exactly where your money has gone.

We also suspect that by now you will have made some changes, feel so much more in control of your money and have found some every day money magic.

What’s possible next year?

yearly review money management money planner
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